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Intelligent Force Testing System

FPM 300 SERIES To test a product by monitoring characters of force curve. Apply to the feel test of computer and automobile keys or buttons .
Equipment Parameter
  1. Force Curve test machine designed for Mass production in the world;
  2. High Speed, 100Sec per keyboard with 5 point;
  3. Adjustable test speed, auto re-test function;
  4. Combined force and Make test;
  5. Barcode read/record and on-line data base bulid up;
  6. Exchangeable test probe and sensor;
  7. Independent enterprise standard;
  8. Independent patents and PTC protected;
  9. Small in size;
  10. Visual interface for easy operation;
  11. High precision and Stability, easy for maintenance.
  12. Option function to add as required.
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